Saturday, July 19, 2014

One More to the Honour Roll

The fucking Soviet scumbag thugs do not easily forget their insane legacy happily donated to them by "Uncle Joe" Stalin.

In this case, I actually kind of welcome World War Three. The Russians, only vaguely familiar with civilization while they're not getting smashed on 100° vodka, just need to get smashed back into the Stone Age, or actually, further, since they're already pretty much there now.

If the US is the world's cop, Russia is the world's mafia. And they need a lesson. One well-placed ICBM onto the Kremlin . . . it would be worth losing Manhattan.

Where do I sign up?


Oh. Now it appears that people are actually getting umm . . . fed up with letting their loved ones' body parts resting, undergoing peculiar tans in the noonday sun while still strapped in the seats they fell 33,000 feet down in.

Hmm. Apart from the fact that an involuntary ride in a narrow airplane seat that starts at 585 mp/h and ends in, well, ZERO, the last part occurring at a force of about 7,000 Gs -- the equivalent of being hit by a bullet train while being strapped into a seat on the tracks . . . all the while being denied drinks and having tray tables out of operation with NO intercom explanation to boot -- well, the relatives are beginning to chafe and change the channels, not willing any more to watch the end of that rerun of I Dream of Jeannie in favor of  I Dream of Putin's Moldering Corpse, which, unfortunately was cancelled after only ten minutes because of Katherine Heigl's first tantrum on set.

Strangely enough, it appears that they want answers. This is lamentable, because the very same people who murdered their loved ones are also conducting the investigation -- such as it might be termed (in your dreams.)

This plane crash makes the Tans Peru crash (aren't you glad I have a mind like a steel trap and can actually remember the name of the obscure airline company involved in this horror?) look like a kid smashed his front-loader Tonka Tough Truck into his friend's Dinky Mini Cooper.

The Tans Peru crash, you will remember,  was some 767 that crashed in the jungles of Peru and before the bodies had even gotten cold the locals were stealing everything in sight, including the flight recorders, which had to be bribed back for $5,000 and ended up showing nothing because the vaquero that stole them took them apart to see what he could get out of them.

Here it seems like they've just been spirited away by idle "third parties" whose "main interests" are having them flown to Moscow, where they can be "accurately tested."

That's like Hitler in March, 1945, suddenly setting up an inquiry about "What happened to all those Hooked-nose fellows I used to get my bagels from?"

Putin should be strapped to a chair TOMORROW and have 10,000 volts conducting from his balls to his big brain and THEN be interrogated.

They could bottle the smoke from the proceedings and call it "Putin's Last Dance." Guy's gotta make a living.

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