Thursday, September 4, 2014


When will SOMEONE with actual balls react? When will someone with the wherewithal stand up and crush these spiders from Hell?

These fuckers need to be bombed back into the Stone Age -- no, let's make that the Pre-Cambrian -- where they belong with their three-celled fellow organisms.

I really feel like it's 1939, and Neville Chamberlain has just gotten off a twin-prop plane from Berlin, waving a flap of paper in his hand and saying "This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine. Some of you, perhaps, have already heard what it contains but I would just like to read it to you: ' ... We regard the agreement signed last night and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again."


Good job, Nev, GOOD JOB!

You sure saved us all a bunch of hassles, didn't you?

"We Need to Pray for the Captors . . ."

Words from James Foley's parents.

"We need to pray for the captors who, you know,  did . . ." -- James Foley's mother

Oh, is that what we need to do, Mummy of James? Pray for his executioners? Please tell, what would be the words of this . . . prayer? "O Lord, please forgive these men who brutally hacked off the head of my son, pausing perhaps, in their own clumsiness, while he struggled to breathe against the torrent of blood pouring down his esophagus, as his windpipe was severed and the true horror and excruciating pain of what was happening to him flooded his brain in his last few seconds of awareness, the murderer pausing to curse at his own ineptness in performing even this seemingly simple act of removing a fellow human of his own head that had been active and thinking of what was about to happen to him only moments before . . .  O Lord, please pray for them?

Where does one draw the line between complete delusion and just plain stupidity?

From the same fount of wisdom as springs The Lord's Prayer, a little ditty that was made up by some sick acolyte in the Middle Ages . . . well, how can one reconcile a statement such as this from the very parents of someone who has been unnecessarily, brutally murdered by a band of demon-spawned vipers (again, the silly animal analogy)  . . .  one just has to pause and shake one's head.

Just as the first atomic bomb annihilated tens of thousands of Japanese civilians -- the necessary sacrifice in the eyes of militarists such as Anami, who would have greatly desired to see the entire population of Japan destroyed "gloriously, like a chrysanthemum's petals falling, one by one in almost indescribable beauty" -- prayers for these scum are the most ludicrous idea I've ever heard. Indeed, pulling an opposing religion into the already-twisted mix of mad fanaticism seems like the naïveté of fuckwads like Jesus Christ, who, had he really existed, was some destroying lunatic  whom, throughout the ages, has caused the deaths of hundreds of millions -- maybe billions -- of totally innocent human beings of very race, color or creed.

THESE people -- the parents -- need to be crucified in order to learn the true meaning of praying for the bloodsucking wasp-beings who took their son's life.

Now that is an event I would buy tickets for.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I feel a little unhappy today. Why? Because no one comes here to read my, well, rants.

It doesn't matter much, really, but at the same time, it matters a lot.

See, during World War II, when in Germany there was a semi-underground movement of GERMAN STUDENTS AGAINST THE NAZIS -- you've probably never heard of them, and nor had I -- no one really paid attention to them, although many shared their sentiments.

I hope by reading this post and following the link, you feel deeply ashamed; because contrary to popular belief, there were Germans -- sometimes even large groups of Germans -- who were incredibly opposed to the Nazis.

Yet, mind-bogglingly, their tiny resistance, crushed with the fiercest power of the Nazi jackboot, went almost unnoticed in Germany and most certainly ignored in the so-called "allied" countries.

Yet these kids -- one can hardly call them much more -- risked their lives, and then paid with them in the most ghastly manner possible -- to try to oppose the horror that was threatening the entire world.

If there were ever a true, living, photographable manifestation of the word "hero," any one of these kids would have made the grade many times over. If you possibly can, try to track down this movie.

Why am I talking about this, now? Because we are now living in a world that somehow has spawned these creatures; these abominations that seemingly have been hatched from an egg directly beamed up from the depths of Hell, spilling noisily, messily and with an incredible stench of death and decay from a shell of civilization; by this, I mean that they speak our languages, they look like us, they may even seem educated by us -- but they are definitely not Us in the normal sense of the word, any more than Reinhard Heydrich was a loving husband and father, or Dennis Rader loved animals.

Animals is the title of this post, and though most people continually point out that animals do NOT engage in the sort of bestial forms of behaviour -- there again is an adjective meaning "animal-like" -- that human beings do, we must please make an important distinction when using this term to refer to humans.

"Worse than animals" in general is just a handy term that has been adopted over the millennia to describe humans -- just like the words "dog" and "bitch" and "pig" are epithets that seem to imply animals, they are most certainly not.

A dog is just  a member of the canine family. Ascribing to it any sort of aberrational behaviours such as wanton murder of innocent members of the animal kingdom is as absurd as saying "The lion then murdered the antelope in the most vicious fashion, first bringing it down with its sharp, penetrating two-inch long claws and then clamping down on its heaving throat with its incredibly powerful jaws while its companions slurped up the blood spewing from the horrendous, fatal wound in the antelope's neck."

Well, unfortunately, lions don't have access to our numerous slaughter factories and can't stun their prey with a vicious blow to the head, then slit their throats with a machine and hang them from a massive metal hook upside down while the blood drains from the wound, after which various cutting machines skin and dismember the unfortunate cow blah blah blah blah blah.

The preceding sentence is, indeed, comparable to one which says " . . . and the small defenseless grains of wheat that had so innocently grown on their mother stalks for months now saw the threshing machine approaching, the merciless blades concealed within about to lop off their heads, one by one until neither they nor their brothers and sisters existed even to scream, had they so desired."

Well, we all know this is complete bullshit. We also know that to compare human beings to animals is bullshit. When someone says "He was worse than an animal," we remove -- or should remove -- ourselves from any serious comparisons between human and animal behaviours. Animals just don't ACT like we do.

They don't "murder" other "defenseless" animals in acts of "unparalleled savagery" -- they just go about the business of getting dinner on the table.

This is not a post about meat-eaters versus vegetarians. This is a post about human beings who take it into their hands to explicitly murder other humans in acts which are mostly unprecedented by so-called "humane" standards.

If you're going to execute an innocent hostage, in other words, just take him out back as if you're going to show him something, and just shoot him in the back of the head.

Mind you, I'm not recommending this as a somewhat humane way to murder someone -- I think we can all agree that "humane" and "murder" are completely incompatible -- but I'm saying it sure beats having some monkey of a puffed-up terrorist hold your head up in from of a camera, the video result of which is intended for maximum shock value and exposure -- and then proceed to cut your throat and behead you.

Lordy knows, Hitler was responsible for a grand repertoire of how to inhumanely murder people, but the fucker never actually did the deed personally -- nor did Stalin, as far a as I know, or Tojo, or any number of incomprehensibly murdersome people -- he made other people do it. And he certainly didn't plaster it over every media vehicle of the day.

Can murder ever be civilized? The short, long and medium answers are of course, no.

But can a murder be unnecessarily and agonizingly brutal, designed for maximum effect to not only kill the innocent victim in the most horrific way possible but also in order to SHOW the person dying, and not only that, but accompanying it all with threats to do it again and again and again, knowing that more people than can have possibly witnessed even the horrors of the holocaust firsthand be witness to it, by design?

I don't, and never will, excuse anyone alive or dead for the taking of an innocent human life -- we're talking innocent, here, mind you -- and even people who are trying to kill you can be innocent (witness the arbitrary executions of downed airmen in the Second World War by the Axis powers. It is 100% for sure than no British farmer ever pitchforked a downed German fighter pilot to death simply for landing in his field).

Thus, again staying with the animal metaphor, knowing that it doesn't really mean I'm implicating any animal in any act of mindless homicidal terror, I hold that these hyena-like mutants who call themselves "Isis" or whatever popular bullshit crap they can come up with, should all be hunted down like packs of rabid dogs and exterminated to the last man in the most horrific ways that talented human beings can devise, simply for the taking of two innocent human lives, and by "innocent" I must emphasize that neither of their victims had ever fired a shot in anger against ANY ONE OF them.

The sheer outrage I feel against these people -- no doubt doubly shared by millions of other fellow human beings -- is beyond description.

And, like millions of others, beyond a shadow of a doubt, my mind is filled with the sentence: "Just give me five minutes in a room with one of these people; a blunt knife is all I will need."

Unspeakability. A blog title that could not have been more inspired today than the day I created it.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Here We Go Again

It's round two in the US against the Rest of the World.

While I AM American, and there is no doubt that I love my country, I am now also Canadian. That doesn't mean too much to me, to tell the truth, apart from the fact that now, I have the choice to stop being American.

But I'm not sure I want to do that.

America may be many things to many people. I would have to say that at this stage in the game, most of the world either hates the US, is afraid of it, or distrusts it.

First of all, let's put things into perspective. Every new president that comes along literally has to pay for the sins of the president who went before him.

George Bush could just step off the podium, gather his for-life security detail, and disappear to Texas to write his memoirs. He doesn't have to account for the legacy of what he has left behind -- the total, complete, failed garbage heap of two of his administrations -- no. His responsibility is over and he can laugh over a few martinis while he watches Obama deal with the chaos Bush's eight years of horror have left behind.

I'm apolitical. I really couldn't give a shit who is in the White House, but I do have an opinion, and I think Obama is dealing as best he can with the shithand of cards he was dealt by TWO Bushes and 16 years of mismanaging the most powerful nation in the world. Yes, don't forget that before Bush, there was his father, who completely bungled the first Iraq war, left Saddam Hussein in power, plus just created a basket of horrors for Clinton to deal with.

Despite all his mistakes, Clinton did okay. Not great, but when you're left holding a bag like what he was left holding, I think he did quite well.

Now we have the same situation. Obama still paying for George Bush's rampant disregard for the world and its nations to pursue his own lunatic policies. No doubt we'll be paying for his sins for another fifty years.

But it's too late for recriminations. What's done is done.

I would like, however, to remind everyone that although the world seems like it's going to Hell in a handbasket, with the Middle East a boiling mess of death, religious madness and whole nations at each others' throats, and with Russia AND China both knocking at the gates of chaos, things could be much, MUCH worse.

I don't have to remind you that about 70 years ago, MOST OF THE WORLD was killing each other, with atrocities that make the beheadings of journalists in war zones looking like playtime in the park down the street.

Whole cities were being bombed into ashes -- hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were being exterminated in a SINGLE DAY on a regular basis; now in Syria the estimate of two years of civil war being less than 200,000 people.

70 years ago, that could be the death toll in TWO DAYS, not two years -- and with Dresden, Tokyo and Hamburg, not to mention Hiroshima or Nagasaki, HALF A MILLION PEOPLE were exterminated just sitting in their own homes, not even dressed in uniform or carrying guns.

And thirty years before THAT, MILLIONS of men were being exterminated in a vicious, seemingly never-ending war in which each side seemed more and more determined to hunker down and just try to kill as many of the "enemy" as they could, by any means available. And this was no fight about religion, or territory, or ANYTHING. Nations just lost sight of what exactly they were fighting about, and it just became a fight just to fight. Like an endless World Cup of War.

I hate to say it, but if the atomic bomb had been around in the First World War, there most certainly would never have been a Second World War, because there would have been nothing left to fight over.

So, despite the news headlines and the sickening tendency of journalists to pump home the most hideous of war stories, there has never been a more peaceful world, by and large, for two hundred years.

Hard to believe, but get in your time machine and go back to 1942.

Then we'll talk about death and destruction.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Asshole Gauge

I think I should introduce a periodic "World Asshole Gauge" which just gives a "Top Ten" of the current assholes of the world with perhaps a brief link to their assholedom and *possibly* if I get unlazy, a description of why I think they belong there.

No one is exempt -- I take no sides. I might be American and live in Canada, but if the US come up at the top of the Asshole list for the week, trust me, I'll post it.

Umm, there won't always be ten. In many cases, there will just be one.

In today's post, I nominate, in no particular order, Russia and Hamas as being the assholes of the week.

Of course, this is nothing new for either of them -- they will both probably permanently be on the list -- but this week, they both excel at assholdedom.

Oh, individuals are candidates for Assholes of the Year/Month/Week/Day/Millennium as well. I think Roger Waters deserves a Millennium Asshole award, particularly for the amount of bad music he has been responsible for.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

One More to the Honour Roll

The fucking Soviet scumbag thugs do not easily forget their insane legacy happily donated to them by "Uncle Joe" Stalin.

In this case, I actually kind of welcome World War Three. The Russians, only vaguely familiar with civilization while they're not getting smashed on 100° vodka, just need to get smashed back into the Stone Age, or actually, further, since they're already pretty much there now.

If the US is the world's cop, Russia is the world's mafia. And they need a lesson. One well-placed ICBM onto the Kremlin . . . it would be worth losing Manhattan.

Where do I sign up?


Oh. Now it appears that people are actually getting umm . . . fed up with letting their loved ones' body parts resting, undergoing peculiar tans in the noonday sun while still strapped in the seats they fell 33,000 feet down in.

Hmm. Apart from the fact that an involuntary ride in a narrow airplane seat that starts at 585 mp/h and ends in, well, ZERO, the last part occurring at a force of about 7,000 Gs -- the equivalent of being hit by a bullet train while being strapped into a seat on the tracks . . . all the while being denied drinks and having tray tables out of operation with NO intercom explanation to boot -- well, the relatives are beginning to chafe and change the channels, not willing any more to watch the end of that rerun of I Dream of Jeannie in favor of  I Dream of Putin's Moldering Corpse, which, unfortunately was cancelled after only ten minutes because of Katherine Heigl's first tantrum on set.

Strangely enough, it appears that they want answers. This is lamentable, because the very same people who murdered their loved ones are also conducting the investigation -- such as it might be termed (in your dreams.)

This plane crash makes the Tans Peru crash (aren't you glad I have a mind like a steel trap and can actually remember the name of the obscure airline company involved in this horror?) look like a kid smashed his front-loader Tonka Tough Truck into his friend's Dinky Mini Cooper.

The Tans Peru crash, you will remember,  was some 767 that crashed in the jungles of Peru and before the bodies had even gotten cold the locals were stealing everything in sight, including the flight recorders, which had to be bribed back for $5,000 and ended up showing nothing because the vaquero that stole them took them apart to see what he could get out of them.

Here it seems like they've just been spirited away by idle "third parties" whose "main interests" are having them flown to Moscow, where they can be "accurately tested."

That's like Hitler in March, 1945, suddenly setting up an inquiry about "What happened to all those Hooked-nose fellows I used to get my bagels from?"

Putin should be strapped to a chair TOMORROW and have 10,000 volts conducting from his balls to his big brain and THEN be interrogated.

They could bottle the smoke from the proceedings and call it "Putin's Last Dance." Guy's gotta make a living.